Monday, May 30, 2011

BDH's Cap'n Rhett Butler - Black Tri Male (Deceased)

Ole Grandpa Retty Petty There is not enough room on this site for me to talk about this old friend. His Legacy lives on... Rhett was one of a kind.

We got Rhett in January 1992 just a few months after we bought the Farm. We had no idea who we had bought other than a pretty Black Tri Australian Shepherd. I had owned a Blue Merle Male, Bandit, back in the early 80's but had to give him away when I went into the Army and way before I had met Carron. Rhett, as it turns out, was a kind of a special dog. His Ancestry was very extensive as we started researching, 11 Grand Champion Sire's and Dame's traces through his Family Tree and descendants from some very well thought of Blood Lines and Lineage. Las Racosa, Windermere, Wildhagen and Flintridge. Some names like Sorensen's Gun Smoke and Cactus Pete of Coppertone and a host of others. We discovered that Jeanne Joy Hartnagle's Book "All About Aussies" had almost everyone of those descendants scattered through out it's pages. Wow! We were shocked and amazed. We soon realized that we not only had a tremendous addition to our little family but a very Valuable Investment as well.

A Young BDH's Cap'n Rhett Butler

2 Year Old Adolescent Retty Petty

6 Year Old Mature Male BDH's Cap'n Rhett Butler

The Ranch Worker. I taught Rhett his Working Commands at about age 6 months. After several sessions at the Sale Barn he was ready to go to work.

Rhett the Entertainer, he was our First American Idol!

Rhett and Cleats sing a little "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" for the Boys and Girls at Gunter, Texas for a Sam Torres baseballface Camp.

We will never forget this faithful, funny, brave, protective and loving member of our family. His personality was like none you have ever seen.