Monday, May 30, 2011

BDH's Raisin Cinnamon - Red Merle Female (Deceased)

We will miss you CiCi!

Wade (8) and Jeffrey (5) with Cinnamon on the day we brought her home

Cinnamon November 2008

Cinnamon May 1999

Cinnamon November 2008

Cinnamon May 1999

Chaneys/BDH's Raisin Cinnamon - Red Merle Female

10 Apr 1999 - 25 Nov 2009

Australian Shepherd Club of America Registered

Height: 19 Inches

Weight: 55 lbs

Granny CiCi or Cinnamon
Cinnamon was the mother of Bossier and adopted mother of Bonnie. Cinnamon was purchased from Cheryl Channey of Quitman in 1999 to breed with Rhett. They produced 5 Litters from 2001 to 2004. In October 2004 Cinnamon had her last and final litter by Rhett. Rhett had passed away a month before the puppies were born and we decided to return to Golden, Texas and The Ra-Ro Ranch owned by Ray and Rose Ferguson to purchase a new female to breed to Rhett and Cinnamon's son Bossier from their 2002 second litter. The Ferguson's had a litter only two days prior to ours. The Sire of that litter was Ferguson's Bush Cheney from the same Blood Line as Rhett and the Dame was Ferguson's Sadie Hawkins Girl. So Bonnie was chosen and at 4 weeks old the Ferguson's allowed us to bring her home. I placed her in with Cinnamon and her litter of Pups. Bonnie was twice the size of Cinnamon's pups and I was not 100% sure that Cinnamon would accept her as her own but I figured if she'd raise a kitten as her own then... well Whiskers is a different story. Well Cinnamon did accept her and they remained Mother and Daughter right to the end. Granny CiCi died on Wednesday November 25th, 2009 just 10 days before Bonnie and Bossier's 7th Litter. You could look at Bonnie and tell that she knew what had happened and for days she laid around just sad looking. Like Rhett, Cinnamon will be missed greatly and without her and Rhett, BDH Aussies would not exist today. Their Blood Line and Traits are very apparent in the offspring of Bossier and Bonnie as the BDH Aussie Line continues.

4 Week Old Baby Bonnie and her Real Mom Sadie
Bonnie looks just like her momma Sadie

CiCi would stay outside the Pen the entire time Bonnie was in Labor keeping a watchful eye... a typical Grandma true and true! Bonnie would even allow her to come up to the whelping box. We noticed that CiCi's motherly instinct always would kicl into overdrive during puppy time. If she heard one of them yelp, her ears would pop up and there she'd go, trotting out to see if everything was okay. Granny CiCi would Baby sit and was like the typical Mother In-Law, thinking she could do a better job of taking care of the babies than Bonnie could but they both got a long and it was obvious that Bonnie didn't mind allowing CiCi to take over for her every now and then.

Bonnie 4- Cinnamon 4...what a Pair!

CiCi July 1st, 2001

My silly CiCi Clowning Around! Nov 3rd, 2003

Cinnamon and Her Last Litter of Puppies
Born: 24 Oct 2004

Cinnamon and Her Puppies
This is Cinnamon's 5th and Last Litter Born: 24 Oct 2004
More Pic's of Cinnamon's 5th Litter

This is Patch a Blue Merle Male from Cinnamon's 5th Litter

This is Jake the Red (Uno) a Red Tri Male from Cinnamon's 5th Litter. He has a Cousin named Harley (Lucy) from Bonnie's 1st Litter that looks a whole lot like him especially when they were just babies, don't you think?

Jake is a 55lb Extremely High Flying Frisbee Catcher

Jake the Red lives in Dallas, Tx with the Joe and Renee O'Banion

The puppy on top Nelly/Jewell is from Cinnamon's 4th Litter and the puppy on the bottom Sugar/Socks is Cinnamon's granddaughter from Bonnie's 1st Litter. These are two very remarkable and similar off spring from our Blood Line. The traits of Rhett and Cinnamon's puppies are past down to Bossier and Bonnie's puppies. We have had several puppies from different litters with the same markings and characteristics. Jewell looks very much like her mother Cinnamon as a mature dog. There is a picture of Socks shown above on the site when she is about 8 months old.