Wednesday, June 01, 2011

BDH's Red Bossier - Red Tri Male (Deceased)

BIG RED DOG... You Will Be Missed Bossier Buddy

2010 12 15 Bossier enjoying warm days in the winter sun

2009 12 19 Bossier the Proud Poppa

Bossier at 2 Weeks Old

Bossier at 4 Weeks Old

Bossier at 9-10 Weeks Old

Bossier Buddy
Bossier was known as the BIG RED DOG! Son of BDH's Cap'n Rhett Butler and BDH's Raisin Cinnamon. He became Overseer of the Ranch after Rhett died. He was truly his fathers son. As he matured he reminded me more and more of Rhett and looked like him except for that Red Coat of Hair. Boise was Carron's Protector, you dared not try and get in between them... ouch!

BDH's Red Bossier

Red Tri Male - born:18 Apr 2002 died 17 March 2012

He was Registered with the
Australian Shepherd Club of America and National Stock Dog Registry

Height: 22 Inches
Weight: 63 lbs