Wednesday, January 12, 2011


These are my two Human Puppies. Wade is age 18 and Jeffrey is age 14 and both attend Greenville High School. The Boyz play a Big Part of the Raising of our Aussies. They help with the Whelping, Doctoring, Feeding and even the Selling. Without them I'd be lost.
Jeffrey, Frank & Wade
Wade and Jeffrey
This Picture was taken April 28th 1998. That is Rhett sitting next to Wade age 7 and Jeffrey age 4 sitting with a Liver Red Merle Female, Scarlet. We had bought her from the Ra-Ro Ranch in Golden, Tx where we had gotten Rhett from. This puppy was to be the beginning of the Line but she was killed only a month later by a car on the road in front of our house. She is buried next to Rhett in the North Pasture under a Big Oak. It took us a year before we purchased another female but we finally did and we puchased Cinnamon.

Wade get's in a little nap while Yogi helps keep him covered up warm and cozy.

Jeffrey gives Momma Bonnie some special loving and attention... having all those Puppy Luppy's deserves some special one on one time huh BonBon?

"That'll Do Bonnie... that'll do"

These two Picture's were taken 11-24-06. The Boyz are on my then 14 year old Chestnut Appaloosa Gelding 'Poco'. Shoot even our Horse's are Merle's!!Jeffrey the "Dog Whisperer"