Friday, December 25, 2015

An Aussie is an AUSSIE not No Pansy Foo Foo Dog!

If you are interested in the Australian Shepherd you should be aware there are no size varieties of Australian Shepherds such as "Mini/Miniature" or "Toy" Australian Shepherds. Advertisers of Miniature and Toy Varieties of Australian Shepherds are simply employing marketing terminologies to facilitate the sale of animals to the unsuspecting public that are, in reality, just dramatically smaller than the norm.

Responsible and Reputable Australian Shepherd Breeders who care about protecting this unique, American breed of stock dog do not promote the sale of Miniature or Toy Varieties of Australian Shepherds. This is a marketing ploy to sell pups for increased prices. In recent years there have been several organizations and registries created to support those claims but a TRUE AMERICAN BLOODED Australian Shepherd they are NOT.

Frank Prigmore
BDH Aussies