Thursday, January 27, 2011

BL7 20091201

BL720091201 Bonnie & Bossier's 7th Litter
CONGRATULATIONS to ALL Our BL7 BDH Aussie Puppy Owners

This litter, just like the past litters, had some really great puppies. Each one with their own personalities and highly intelliegent. We kept a puppy from this litter for future breeding and couldn't be more pleased with our choice. I would like to thank each one of our New BDH Aussies Family Members and hope they will have years of endless pleasure and enjoyment with their new additions to their family.

1BTF - "Shiloh" SOLD to Jill & David Samanie
Ft. Worth, Tx

8BMF - "Carolina" & 2RTM - "Palmetto"

are both SOLD to Kevin McDonald Abliene, Tx

3RMM - "Jasper" SOLD to Jane & Rusty Mayeux
Roanoke, Tx

4BMF - "Carly" SOLD to James Stewart
Ft. Worth, Tx

5RMM - "Maverick" SOLD to Krissy Gray
Marshall, Tx

7BMM - "Gus" SOLD to Heather Khoury
Longview, Tx

9RTMF - "Maverick now known as Quigley" SOLD to Vonda, Shawn & Brayden Nabors
DeSoto, Tx

11RMM - BDH's Keegan's Cowboy

future BDH Aussies Stud Dog
Campbell, Tx