Saturday, January 29, 2011

BL9 20110129

ALL PUPPIES from this Litter have been SOLD 3/6/2011
1BMM-"AXE/Fred" SOLD-Charles & Karen Watts Lancaster, Tx
2BTF-"BOOTS/Phoenix" SOLD-Krissy Gray Marshal, Tx
3BTF-"SQUIRT" SOLD-Pete, Melissa, Alex & Cooper Eckhoff Austin, Tx
4BMF-"Ashes/Jolene" SOLD Jeff Whitaker & Natalie Ignacio Killeen, Tx
5BMF-"AERIAL/Layla" SOLD-Brandon, Dion & Chase Stripland Shreveport, La
6RTM- "SPANNER/Hank" SOLD-Allison Pricer Commerce/Gilmer, Tx
7RTM-"BART/Cordovan Jewel or CJ" SOLD Jeff Whitaker & Natalie Ignacio Killeen, Tx
8RTM-"CHIEF" SOLD-Bill & Niki Ryals Tylertown, Ms
9RTF-"EMBER/Magnolia Ann or Nola" SOLD-Perry & Blair Fowler Washington DC/Austin, Tx
10RMF-"BLAZE" SOLD-Lawerence & Linda Terry Emory, Tx
Charles & Karen Watts came out with their grandson Camron to get their Big Boy Fred 1BMM on Saturday 3/12/11

Krissy Gray & Maverick came out and picked up Phoenix 2BTF on 3/11/11

Melissa & Alex Eckhoff drove up from Austin, Tx to get their baby girl Maggie 3BTF on Saturday 3/12/11

Brandon, Chase & Dion Stripland came over to Station 3 to pickup their sweet little gal Layla 5BMF on Sunday 3/13/11 before heading back to Shreveport, La

Allison Pricer drove over from Texas A&M Commerce before heading home to Gilmer for Spring Break with her Big Red Dog Hank 6RTM on Monday 3/14/2011

Natalie Ignacio & Jeff Whitaker finally got to come out and meet their BIG Puppies BL9 4BMF "Jolene" & BL9 7RTM "CJ" Saturday 4/23/11 to take them to their new home in Killeen, Tx

Bill & Niki Ryals came all the way from Mississippi to visit their new baby "the Chief" on Saturday 2/19/11

Niki Ryals & her daughters Hope & Jessica came all the way from Mississippi to get their Big Puppy "Chief" 8RTM on Saturday 3/12/11

Blair & Perry Fowler drove up from Austin, Tx on Saturday 3/26/11 to pickup "Magnolia Ann" 9RTF effectionately know to us as "Nola"

Linda Terry & her daughter Anna came by to take home lil' "Blaze" 10RMF home to Emory, Tx on Friday 3/18/11

More Pictures can be seen in our Picasa Album. Click on the scrolling "BDH Aussies BL920110129 Litter" to the upper right of this posting.

Friday, January 28, 2011

BL8 20100625

BL820100625 ALL SOLD!
Updated Aug 7th, 2010 6:30 pm
Bonnie & Bossier's 8th Litter

Again we would like to thank all of our Newest BDH Aussies Family Members and hope that your newest additions to your families will bring you years of pleasure as ours and many more before you have. You are on a long list of Special Australian Shepherd Owners and I know you will come to realize just what that means as your new puppy grows and becomes a part of your family. Again we are so pleased with all of you and wish you all the best. Remember I am ALWAYS just an email or phone call away.

Yours Truly,
Frank & Carron Prigmore
Campbell, Texas

1BMF- "Kailan" SOLD
Abigael de Guzman Odessa, Tx

2RTF- "Rose NKA Ellie Mae" SOLD
Grady Cunningham Grapevine, Tx

4BTM- "Rhett Jr NKA Dakota" SOLD
Mike & Mika Long & Macy Frisco, Tx

Nancy Reffitt & Curt Maddon Dallas, Tx

8BTM- "Copper" SOLD
Brad & Catherine Jernigan Winona, Tx

9RMM- "Hondo" SOLD
Jody & Robin Hays Godley, Tx

3BTM- "Oakley" & 10BTF- "Minnie NKA Annie" SOLD to John Dooley, Dana Gill &
Lisa Fowler Campbell, Tx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BL7 20091201

BL720091201 Bonnie & Bossier's 7th Litter
CONGRATULATIONS to ALL Our BL7 BDH Aussie Puppy Owners

This litter, just like the past litters, had some really great puppies. Each one with their own personalities and highly intelliegent. We kept a puppy from this litter for future breeding and couldn't be more pleased with our choice. I would like to thank each one of our New BDH Aussies Family Members and hope they will have years of endless pleasure and enjoyment with their new additions to their family.

1BTF - "Shiloh" SOLD to Jill & David Samanie
Ft. Worth, Tx

8BMF - "Carolina" & 2RTM - "Palmetto"

are both SOLD to Kevin McDonald Abliene, Tx

3RMM - "Jasper" SOLD to Jane & Rusty Mayeux
Roanoke, Tx

4BMF - "Carly" SOLD to James Stewart
Ft. Worth, Tx

5RMM - "Maverick" SOLD to Krissy Gray
Marshall, Tx

7BMM - "Gus" SOLD to Heather Khoury
Longview, Tx

9RTMF - "Maverick now known as Quigley" SOLD to Vonda, Shawn & Brayden Nabors
DeSoto, Tx

11RMM - BDH's Keegan's Cowboy

future BDH Aussies Stud Dog
Campbell, Tx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BL6 20090511

BL6 20090511
This was the Most Perfectly Matched Puppy to Owner Litter we have ever had. We feel each puppy's personality and character fit right in with the family they each went to. It is a wonderful feeling for us to be able to place or puppies in with families and have the confidence in knowing that they are going to be cared for and loved like they were one of their own children. AWESOME!
Frank Prigmore
BDH Aussies

August 3rd, 2009
Dal & Dana Woodruff & Niece Laney with their New Puppy
4RTM-McKinley (formerly known as Hereford)
These two are Buddies, McKinley & Laney. Dana says 'Kinley' as Laney calls him, is as big as a House and could take down a Barn but is ever so gentle around Laney. She also says it's little like living in the movie "Marley & Me" sometimes but he is such a sweetheart.
Oh... and I don't care what anybody says, but that dog is SMILING!

McKinley December 2009 is now 7 Months Old and is weighing in according to Dana at 50lbs!

December 2009 McKinley is already watching for Santa Claus... or maybe the Postman?

June 29th, 2009
Johnny & Becca Cheng & Family with their New Puppy

1BTF-Marley November 11, 2009 6 Months Old

RIP Buster BL7-3BTM
May 11th, 2009 - October 15, 2009

June 29th, 2009
Derreck Salas & his New Puppy
Just got news on December 4th, 2009 that Buster was killed by a car back in October. So sad, I had called Derreck to make an offer to buy him back. I wanted to use him to carry on the BDH Aussies Bloodline. Terrible Loss.

June 26th, 2009
Janel Mobley & her New Puppy

Catalina 5 Months Old October 2009

Catalina 5 Months Old October 2009

June 23rd, 2009
Crystal Prince & her New Puppy

2RMF-Casie October 29, 2009 almost 6 Months Old

2RMF-Casie giving her best friend Trenton some kisses December 2009

2RMF-Casie on over watch duty December 2009

Casie looks a lot like her ole Granny CiCi.

June 22nd, 2009
Lisa Murray & Family with their New Puppy

6RTF-Riley October 29, 2009 almost 6 Months Old

June 23rd, 2009
Ronnie & Linda Moore & Grand kids with their New Puppy
7BMF-Aggie Belle

June 23rd, 2009
John & Carroll Hernandez with their New Puppy

9RTM-Sam October 24, 2009 almost 6 Months Old

Sire: BDH's Red Bossier - Red Tri ASCA, NSDR
Dame: BDH's Bonnie Blue- Blue Merle NSDR

Litter Born: May 11th, 2009